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September 2021

Not sure if you and your organization can benefit from my services? Let me change your mind here.

Why Do I Need A Copywriter? by Rachel Harris: Work

Why Do I Need a Copywriter?

There’s so much power in the written word. When you prepare to read something, you’ve already committed yourself to hearing what the author has to say. It’s a form of active listening. As the reader, you have a choice to continue reading and hear what’s being said, or you can stop reading and thus stop listening. It’s so simple and yet so impactful. It’s a form of communication that’s far different from our face-to-face interactions. 

As a writer, copywriter, and organization, you want to be heard. You long for a voice. You don’t want to be ignored or misunderstood. The trouble is, you can’t react to your reader as they read. You don’t get a chance to explain yourself if something you’ve written isn’t clear. The responsibility it yours.

 How do you make sure that your reader wants to read your words in the first place? Then, how do you make sure that they continue to read? How do you make sure that you’re getting your point across? How do you make sure that your reader SEES you? In the act of reading your copy, readers have “listened” to your heart. They feel connected and moved. It can be exciting, stressful, overwhelming and eye opening. 

Here’s the beautiful thing: in the process of making sure you’re being clear to your readers, you find clarity in yourself. In order to make sense on paper, you have to be organized and make sense in your own mind. That process of organization brings with it a deeper understanding of oneself. Working with a copywriter can be a journey of self revelation, growth and understanding. 

I am honored to take this journey with you! I want to take that journey with you and get to know you on a deeper level so that I can make sure your audience KNOWS you by the time they’ve finished reading our materials.

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