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Rachel Harris


Freelance Copywriter & Content Creator

I was raised by humble, honest parents who taught me to work hard and take pride in all I do. I'm disciplined, driven by integrity, and fiercely loyal to those I love.


I served in the US Army for 10 years as a combat medic and a physical therapy assistant. It was one of my greatest honors in life to serve this great nation and its citizens. I left the Army to focus on raising my four sons. They're my pride and joy!


I'm an avid runner and strength trainer, fueled by caffeine and a zest for life. I love God, I treat others with respect, and I can’t wait to meet you

I have a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. These degrees give me valuable insight into the challenges facing entrepreneurs. I know how overwhelming it can be to manage and balance the needs of your small business.


In an effort to better serve people, I seek first to understand them. Listening, empathizing, and investing in them are all powerful means to gaining understanding. I love the uniqueness of people. I want to hear their stories, feel their pain, sit with them in their grief, and hear the depth of their love. That's the approach I take when getting to know my clients.  


You started and run your small business because you have a vision for helping others. You recognize that someone out there has a need to be met, pain to be soothed, or hunger to be satisfied. Both your business and your customer need one another. Unfortunately, you can’t always find each other buried in a web of algorithms, trends, search engine critiques, and so much more. 


I can take care of making sure your heart is heard in the words written on your webpage, in your emails, on your social media, and other outlets. Your brand needs to shine through so the people who need you most can see you in the web of information out there. 


I know writing is not always easy or exciting for most people. For me, it’s my creative outlet and my way of being of service to others. Let me tell your story!



Based on honesty, trust, & transparency, I am committed to doing what is right, every time.


The internal energy, creating an irresistible drive to pursue our dreams.


The ability to listen, consider, & respect the feelings of others.


Originating first with self, respect is treating others with dignity & inherent value.


I recognize that we need others for accountability & assistance.


My faith in the saving grace of God is the cornerstone of all I do. It's my desire to share his love in all my words & actions.


The union of people who inspire us to greatness while also being there to catch us when we fall.


People joined together by common goals, dreams, & aspirations.

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