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Hold Your Breath & Jump

I want to take you along with me as I build this creative endevor. Go on this journey with me; it's going to be epic! It will be a story filled with everything we all crave in our favorite tales. There will be long, winding roads, smooth, glassy waters, battles to be won and lost, friends to be made, love to be found, and tears to be shed. It will be hard some days and painfully boring others. Emotions will be raw on the surface during one exchange, then hidding in the deep during others. But oh the pages we will fill!

Over the last few years, I have discovered the concept of "story". Not in the fairytale way. Not with an obnoxiously predictable beginning, middle, and end. The vilan is not always obvious, the prince is seldom charming, and the animals are not at all helpful. But story in an ugly, shameful, "this cannot really be my life" kind of way. Story is about the things our heart tries to tell us but we don't yet have the courage to acknowledge. Story is that ache in our shoulders that is always there but we cannot explain because it's not actually physical pain, it's emotional pain. Story is when our stomach sinks when a stragner's eyes set in a way that feels dangerous and we don't know how, but we KNOW they are dangerous.

I have a story. You have a story. Everyone on this beautiful earth has a story. It starts before our mother has laid eyes on us. As we are being knit together in her womb, so to is our story being knit. It is begining with our genes, then added to by our environment, developed by ourself and others. We can (and many of us do) run from our story, but we cannot always hid from it.

I want to tell stories; the real ones. Your story, my story, the story of as many people as will let me! I also want to help people and I want to meet them where they are. See them as they live and work. I want to be authentic, be curious, and be kind. Our stories can connect us to one another. There is scientific proof that people's chemistry changes for the better as they share thoughts and emotions with other people. This is why we pay our therapists so much to listen to us talk and why suicide rates were at an all time high during the pandemic. When people connect with other people, beautiful things happen! I know that I can help people connect. I want to start by doing that in the business world. Helping small businesses in my community connect with the citizens of that community who need each other. Lets tell our stories.

I'm going to hold my breath and jump!

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